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Andros, the largest island in The Bahamas, boasts the third-largest coral reef in the world, making it ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling.

It is the bonefishing capital of the world and is famous for producing Androsia, a handmade batik fabric.

Andros Island, some 2300 square miles in size, is perhaps the largest tract of unexplored land in the Western hemisphere. A coral limestone formation, Andros is dominated by thick inpenetrable bush, sliced in pieces by inland waterways, and edged by mangrove swamp.

To the north are hardwood and pine forests--including Andros Pine, Mahogany (Madeira), Horseflesh, and Lignum Vitae; along the east coast are the fishing and diving grounds of the Andros Barrier Reef. On the West Coast are the pristine fishing flats of the Great Bahama Bank.
settlements include:
congo town (tzn)
fresh creek (asd)
mangrove cay

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