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The Bimini Islands include North Bimini, South Bimini and a bunch of tiny cays sprinkling southward. Only 50 miles from Miami, these islands are known as the game fishing capital of the world.

They are also the former haunt of Ernest Hemingway, who used them as the setting for his book, Islands in the Stream.

Despite this proximity to the mainland, Bimini has a remarkable and refreshing change of pace. Its appeal lies in its timeless charm, a laid-back island atmosphere mixed with a warm and authentic friendliness that is becoming increasingly rare in today�s bustling, high-tech world.
settlements include:
north bimini
North Bimini is the most active of the two islands, but even here there are no casinos, highways or shopping malls; no stoplights, traffic jams or crowds. There is only the beach running along the entire length of the island, scalloped with small coves.
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