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Eleutheran Adventure Vacations
Eleuthera, Bahamas
phone: 561-569-8241
or 561-473-3712
fax: 561-562-2932
email: coming soon
visit: coming soon
We organize guided free diving and surfing safaris from Gregory Town, Eleuthera; self-guided free diving/sightseeing trips from North Palmetto Point, Eleuthera; private scuba diving charters or self-guided free diving/kayak trips from Dunmore Town, Harbour Island. We have various plans which include car rentals, boat tours, lodging, meals and equipment.

diving facts:
The diving season is year round with average visibility of 100 feet (30m).
Water Temperatures ~ 89F in Summer to 76F in the Winter.
Air Temperatures ~ 90F in Summer to 75F in the Winter.

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